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    First off, I have to thank Carol for teaching me about this as it has just saved me for the second time. H.ungry A.ngry L.onely T.ired are triggers that cause a relapse and was Carol ever right.

    I got in a small argument with my wife and stormed off in the car to cool down. My first thoughts were to stop at the nearest bar and toss back a couple. I just knew I couldn’t let MYSELF down. As I have stated before, we need to think selfishly about our addiction. If it doesn’t matter to ourselves, it doesn’t matter to anyone.

    I thought about what could be triggering, yes of course anger and also I was feeling hungry so I had two triggers at work. I decided to drive thru for burgers, I don’t eat them much anymore and while they tasted ok they really were kinda gross. I had to take some tums when I got home lol, funny thought, I don’t think grilled chicken would have helped me.

    The burgers satisfied me and I drove on still thinking about the bar but I was now less inclined to actually stop for a beer. By the time I neared home I felt less angry, no longer hungry and calmer. I kissed and made up with my wife and thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t succumb to my cravings and triggers.

    Thanks again Carol and here is a link for anyone interested in H.A.L.T


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