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    Hi my name Is Rodney and I am am addict. well only a few more days until we start another year. This one has been full of first pain then denial then acceptance. I admitted I was powerless over alcohol and drugs. What a Difference that has made in my life. I attend as many meetings as i can due to me working second shift. and I can honestly say there is a Higher power whom I chose to call god. Because I have witnessed so many miracles over the past 7 months than I think I have in my life time. They were probably there its just I was probably High. I have seen Family’s Brought back together, People Got jobs some even got all of there child support wiped off there record so they could start fresh. If thats not god doing for us what we could not do for our selves. I am in amazement how the power of prayer works. Oh I also got some good news. My Prostate Cancer Is undetectable and that is a miracle itself. But If it were not for all my friends in AA and all my Good Friends here at 12 Step National Meetings Praying I don’t think I would have gotten thru it. I’m working step three and I was having trouble with it but not now I have turned my will and life over to the care of god as I understand him. I pray everyday and as much as I can. SO for the new comers like it says don’t leave until the miracle Happens. I want to say Thank you to all My friends here at 12 Step National Meetings that have helped me and will continue to help thru this lifechanging event. Merry Christmas to all and have a save and sober Happy New Year. Thanks for Letting me Share. Rodney C

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