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    I am new here and not sure what to think. I am 32 a dad and a husband. My wife and I always had a drink in the evening, but she can have 1 or 2, and I seem to drink 6-12 a day. I am successful and my drinking has never affected my work, but I feel that this is becoming an issue. I get home and drink 6-12 beers until I go to sleep. I have social anxiety and depression issues and I am in therapy for them. I never disclosed to my therapist about my drinking as I did not think it was an issue. But, I realize that at a minimum 6 beers a day is not healthy and or a normal thing that people do. I have noticed that I cannot remember what I watched on TV the night before, and that I am sluggish and exhausted every day, but I keep doing the same thing. I am sorry for rambling but I don’t know what to do. I would love to be able to be a social drinker, not sure I can have just one or two. I am scared of doing things sober, and the stigma that is attached with being an alcoholic. I am also worried that friends won’t want to hang out and watch a game, because I will not be dirking. These are just a few initial thoughts. God Bless

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