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    Hey I met up with sniffing coke when I was in my teens back in the 80’s. I started really using it hard in my 20’s. I ended up in rehab in 1993. But I was’nt done yet. All I remember was the stories of those crackheads. They seem to be getting high just talking about it ie.crack. So in my thinking I knew sniffing it was’nt working maybe I need to smoke it. WOW what a great idea, I thought to myself…That thought turned into a living nightmare. So I started smoking crack and wow I was I maniac…All I could think of was crack… I did what I had to to stay high……..But long story short I finally got clean after many relapses and glad to say Ive mantained without it…So we can get clean off of cocaine or crack. I was 120Lbs when I had 1 day clean..Today Im 180lbs and healthy…..Thanks…..Peter

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