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    Greetings folks. Well Day 16 and doing pretty well; no cravings, still have that sense of calmness about not drinking. So I guess I’ve been blessed. Anyway over the last few days, I’ve noticed I’ve been having trouble “self-editing”; that is stopping myself saying or doing stupid stuff. You know; you’re having a conversation with someone, maybe a friend, they say something that just BEGS for a snappy and witty (to me at least) one liner that is highly inappropriate. Normally, the “self-editing” would intervene at this point and either modify or indeed stop me saying it at all. This hasn’t been happening lately.

    So I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them, and does it last very long. I assume this is coming from my brain getting back to “normal” working order, without alcohol, and re-aligning neural pathways or something…

    Thanks for reading.

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