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    I am wondering what other people’s thoughts are on this…or experiences. I have a very close knit group of friends. (We’ve been friends for over 20 years). I became very close to one of their wives over the past year, I had started to consider her one of my best friends.

    After my last fall last month, when I started drinking again, she stopped talking to me. That’s fine, I understand 100%. She is entitled to her feelings, and I do understand where she’s coming from.

    I was speaking to another friend of mine from our group yesterday about my drinking and everything else. I said to him ” you know what though, I need support from you guys, not shutting me out. I don’t see how that solves anything.” He said he understood, and that’s pretty much how everyone else saw it. He told me to give her time, and once she saw I was serious about getting better, she would come around. I agreed.

    After thinking about it last night, though, I started to realize that I am actually kind of angry about it. I don’t typically get angry with people, and it may just be because I’m kind of messed up head space right now.

    I got to thinking, ” you are the person I drank with more than anyone else as of late”. Yes, I expressed desire to stop drinking, and I realize that she is upset with me for continuing to do so. But I also know this a struggle for me, and if it was as easy as just saying ” well I won’t drink again”, then my drinking wouldn’t have been a problem to begin with.

    Am I wrong for feeling resentment for the lack of support? I am not perfect. I know this. But none of us are. I know there will eventually be a conversation in which I apologize, but I really feel as though if she decides ” the time is right” for us to be friends again, I am going to be angry at her for just shutting me out rather than talking to me about it. Has anyone else felt this way? Or have you felt that the friend was justified in doing what they did.

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