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    Hi, I am a regular on the friends and family page. Currently I’m typeing on my lap-top, (in bed), and listening to my boyfriend (4plus years) (we live together) moaning in our master bathroom, from the tub.

    He has been addicted to oxycodone 7.5 mg… roughly 10 per day, for almost 2yrs.

    He refuses to go to a rehab, and decided he is going to quit ‘cold turkey’. He attempted this once before, and crumbled on day 5.

    He is begging for my assistance this time. Told me to empty out his pockets, briefcase, car. Gave me the keys to his vehicle so he can’t leave the house. He said that he is ‘done’ for good this time.

    I UNDERSTAND the three c’s. I am NOT begging him to do this. This came on his own. He understands that this isn’t fair– to have me have to see him/help him like this…… but I can’t turn my back on him, when he made this move all by himself, and asked for my support and assistance.

    As I said, he is currently in our jacuzzi tub with a couple cups of epsom salt. we have melatoin (vitamin for sleep). Anything else you all might suggest. He is about 24 hrs into this— is in excruciating pain, sick, sweating, then cold.

    I wondered if you had any words of wisdom for me. I know this is his problem, but I would hope if I asked him for help in a given situation, that he would aid me.

    THankyou for your time

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