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    I’ve toyed with the idea of quitting since college. Now I think it is time to get serious if I ever want to do anything with my life. I’m going to a 4 week in patient rehab that is supposed to be very good.

    I graduated and then went to live in Australia for a year. I had an absolute blast (no pun intended lol) living in Sydney, Melbourne, and The barrier reef. I made friends from all around the world.

    However, I found myself needing alcohol to be comfortable and by the time I left I was drinking a fifth of vodka a day if not more.

    I’ve been here on this board for a few years, and my drinking has just gotten worse (as it does with anyone who is alcoholic). Sometimes I still think to myself that maybe I am not alcoholic, which is insane. I have been in trouble with the law several times and the root cause was because I was drunk.

    The hardest part for me is going to be losing that desire to drink. I have had some damn good times while partying and drinking. When I don’t have any in my system, I feel nervous and unsure of myself and have trouble thinking clearly. I was never a social misfit or an outcast growing up so I am pretty sure that this anxiety is directly related to my heavy drinking.

    Also, its when I start to feel better that I will want to go out and drink, then it just becomes as cycle of slight soberity, followed by drunkeness, followed by 3 days of hell dextoxing, followed by drunkeness…etc. Terrible cycle to be caught up in.

    Anyway, some of you may remember me, maybe not. But im back and hope to be back for good.

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