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    Where have you been Tex? Oh Yeah…jail.

    After fighting a 3rd DUI for a long, long time, I just said **** it and went away. Yeah, yeah, yeah your honor…I was drinking and I was impaired. The good news, They made me a “mentor” and put me in the addiction pod. I got to help some newcomers, so that’s some service work I guess.

    Which brings me to my point. Jail told me to do service work. I’ve never really been a 12th step kind of guy. I do my community service at the local detox, but the counselors there just make fun of me. They clown me “we knew you’d be back!” Yeah, I’m on the sober end of things, but it really makes me mad. I’d rather pick up trash, but I can’t because I’m “too educated” for that, apparently I’m just educated enough to scoop food on a tray.

    I’m just being a crybaby. I missed y’all!!

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