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    I was here a year ago, Wding from some opiate BS. To make a long story short, stayed clean for a few months, then started using again, then it went to using Oxy 80’s 3X daily for 6 months. Two weeks ago I quit cold turkey. I had severe withdraw for 24 hours, then just irratability and insomnia that are still present. 14 days into sobriety I am thinking more clearly, working out on a regular schedule, and eating very clean for the first time in years. I am STILL going crazy with anxiety and RLS and sleepless nights which makes me a dick most mornings.

    How long does this blah, anxiety, sleeplessness last? I do have cravings from time to time. I have denenerative disc disease, but woudl rather live with the pain that take pills after the dumb addict behavior that the medicine causes in myself.

    During my previous detox I was good after the first week or so. Why is this crap lingering?

    Thanks for your help all.

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