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    I’ve realized in the past few months that my drinking is becoming a problem. I stumbled upon this site and thought I would introduce myself.

    I’m 24, been drinking a lot the past 2 years. It’s just gotten to be worse and worse. At my peak this past summer I was drinking about 12 drinks a night, every day. Sometimes up to 16. I’ve gotten better recently. 2 months ago I managed to quit for a week. But since then I’ve drank every night for about 2 months.

    I’ve gotten better recently but still have 6-10 a night. I got a really good accounting job recently, which I start in a little over a month. I’ve come to realize that I’m not going to be able to do it if I’m drinking all the time so I’ve decided to quit. I’m also sick of the weight I’ve gained and I want to stop beating up my liver.

    I have anxiety problems and I’ve been using alcohol as a sort of medication. But I’ve come to realize that its not worth it. The cons of abusing alcohol far outweigh the benefits.

    So starting a few days ago I set a schedule to wean myself off of it over 5 nights. I don’t think I’ll have any withdraw but want to make sure. I’m going to have 8 drinks, then 6, 4, 2, 1, 0. I’m on night 3 tonight and let myself have 4 drinks.

    I’ve done this 3 times before but have gotten back on alcohol every time. Any help/suggestions/comments are appreciated. Thanks all glad to join the forum maybe it’ll give me the encouragement I need.

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