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    Hi all. Im new to the forums but I hope someone will be able to help.

    I have very recently started my detox after being on and off cocaine for 4years. But the past 2 months have been very bad indeed. I may have had as much as 100g in that time, which I know is stupid so please dont have ago… im just letting you know so you know how bad it is.

    Its now only been a week but i looked in the mirror today and discovered a huge hole in my nose. It starts at the back and works its way forward and at the moment it is about one inch from the front. You can not see it unless you look up.

    The only part which is left (and also the bottom and inside the nostril) is either complete white or raw red, wafer thin and has what loooks like snot on it….. but actually these little green/white thingys don’t move.

    I am obviously very worried and so gutted. I was so proud finally going to get off it only to find this.

    So my question is….

    If i never use it again will the rest not fall out? or has the damage already been done and its going to fall out? please say it wont.

    im going to go and book myself into the doctors tomorrow but as I only just saw it im desperate. I know the hole wont come back but im so desperate to keep i have.

    io feel so bad right now, please help


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