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    I’m an alcoholic, 3 and a half month sober, in my end-twenties and have been a silent reader for the past few weeks and today I decided that I want to contribute more actively to this forum and introduce myself.
    From my teenageyears on, I could drink more that other girls my age, and during my early twenties, I was a pretty heavy drinker and at risk. A bad breakup with an emotionally abusive boyfriend send me over the edge, and by my mid-twenties I was a binge drinker who still thought she had it all under control. During the last year my drinking escalated and had to admit to myself that I was a full-blown alcoholic.
    I am currently at the stage of dealing with the reasons that lead me to drinking and, because it goes hand in hand with it, making an inventory of my life up until now. Genetics (long history of alcoholism on both sides of my family) and abuse by classmates for many years of my childhood both played a part in putting me at risk. But it was me who decided to drink. I am in the process of coming to the conclusion that I cannot change my genetics nor what happened to me in my childhood, but that my drinking is something I can actively do something about as well as the person I am becoming now and where my decision to quit drinking will lead me. I feel that I let many opportunities pass because of my alcoholism, both career-wise and in my personal life. Sometimes, it is hard to handle, but what I can do is not to lat it happen again.

    I find this site very helpful, mainly because I can relate to so many things pepole address in their posts and I am grateful to have found this place, it helped me a lot since my early days of sobriety and is still.
    Thanks for reading and a good day to all of you,

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