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    I don’t want to make a big thing out of it, but due to some (non terminal) health concerns and other personal stuff, I’ve had to make some changes in my life…so while I’ll still be on 12 Step National Meetings (in a more limited way), I won’t be officially the Mod either in this forum or Sub/Meth Maintenance anymore.

    That doesn’t mean we’re cutting you loose :).

    I have no idea whats going to happen long term, but for now I’ll still be around here and there and I’ll look in when I can and other mods will be doubtless be looking in here too – please don’t hesitate to PM a forum leader if there’s an important matter to discuss.

    The report situation is the same as it ever was too – if you see something you think needs more urgent mod action, please report it by using the funky red and white triangle [IMG]http://www.

    I’ve made a lot of friends here – if a day was, like, 36 hours long, and if sitting here in front of my PC wasn’t getting harder and harder physically to do, I’d probably still be here….

    Happy Trails y’all 🙂

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