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    So, I was looking around at the family and friends of substance abusers forum, and came upon the ‘co-dependent’ sticky– and just about worked myself into a panic attack. I know you can always ‘fit’ yourself into a label if you cherry pick the symptoms, but I literally couldn’t find one sign of co-dependency that I DON’T fit into! That’s very scary to me – especially since I’ve always known that this is a character flaw in me, but I’ve always tried to avoid it (btw, a symptom of co-dependency!) Just wondering where one would start in thier recovery. I’d like to learn more about this and what I can do to actually change? (and not pretend it’s not there for once.) Has anyone here who has had experience w/co-dependency be willing to share what worked for them and what helped the most? Or maybe just where to start?

    Just figured I’d ask here first since it’s my ‘usual hang.’ 😉


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