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    Im new to here and guess im at the point were i need advice from people who have been in my shoes . Im 27 and have always loved drinking at the weekends. I would go out and get drunk and have a good time. Over the last five years my hangovers have been real bad. I would wake up and feel paranoid, anxious, shaky and not want to leave the house or answer my phone and i think that has led me to the situation im in now were i go out and drink till i drop and when i wake up il hit the bottle as soon as i roll over just sitting in my bed drinking on my own and watching tv . ive done this for 3 to 4 days before and it takes about the same amount of days to get my head straight. i left me job because i was a nervous paranoid mess and started to hate nearly every friend i worked with. when im off the drink im very happy and full of energy and pretty nice company so i cant understand why i do this to myself…..its finally hit home that i maybe an alcoholic. I always thought an alco was some one who drink everyday. I can go about two weeks but i do actually crave it more than the social situation im in. Im afraid to quit because im afraid i will end up a recluse as all my friends are drinking buddies and some have it worse than me. Its also hard for me to talk to my mates about it because they have heard it all before and they dont want me to quit as its our done thing most weekends. I also dont have a girlfriend and thats basically because when im out im more interested in getting drunk than looking for women……but i am straight and find women very attractive lol just need someones honest point of view of what they think i should do. if i have to quit then i will give it a serious shot. thanks

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