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    Hey Guys
    Its been a while since I have been on here. Everything thing has been going great and I have been very good. For those that remember me I’m a oc and benzo addict. I do suffer from panic attacks, thats how I got introduced to the benzos, and that led to the opiets. I have been doing great until this Monday. I go the mother of all stomach viruses and wasn’t able to keep my crazy pill down. Now the virus is gone but I’m having panic attacks again. I took .5 mg of xanax the day before yesterday and since I had another panic attack this morning I took .25mg. I didn’t take them at all for recreational use, I had to make the panic go away. I could have made it through it if I could have stayed at home all day, but I had to work. Do you think this is considered a relapse? I need your support so I don’t go back out there again. The last think I want to do is take these evil pills.

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