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    I am about at the rock bottom level and I am ready to sober up. I know I can definitely get lower, but I know now that I am not wanting to go through that. I have no health care and I am completely broke. My family is definitely willing to help me out and send me somewhere, but we can’t find a good place. I have seen places where they can’t even have a TV because someone will steal it. I want to be able to have a guitar in my room and play with headphones and not worry about someone stealing it. At this point it’d be easier for my family to just pay me money for alcohol and pay my rent and not worry about it. I also am going to need to go through a detox program because when I withdrawal I go through DTs. I know AA is a solid option, but at this point it’d just make me want to drink more. I told my dad to just throw me in a rehab for 30 days and give me no money and just make this happen, but we’re having a hard time finding the right place.

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