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    Hey All, any advice would be great, im 26yrs old, i never drank a drop of alcohol before i was 18. (good girl! lol) and now i run a fine wine shop,and i cant go a day without a wine, or a drink… it really sucks, i dont want to give up my job, because it has alot of perks, and i actually really love my job,but i dont want it to be running my life with alcohol. i am wasting so much money, cause, now have developed a palate,and i only drink certain wine, and i will beg and borrow, if i dont have enough money, to get my certain wine (French champagne,and top line Shiraz) … i dont know what to do… i drink to much, but everyone in my industry does, what do i do??? please help… only serious replies please..thanks:a108:

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