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    ok, so I finally had it happen. My job/career and alcohol problem finally collided. I’ve been in denial all summer that’s it gotten to that point, and I did some job hopping as a nurse. Never got fired for alcohol abuse, but didn’t show a couple of times.

    I took a full time position a month ago. I love my new job. However. Went out drinking on a friday. all out power drunk. Woke up saturday, continued to drink, passed out a few hours. Not thinking clearly, went out to work thinking I could pull it off.

    Was sent home by a fellow nurse for smelling like alcohol and not being in the right frame of mind to be there.

    I got enough courage to send my nurse manager an email of apology. By some grace of god I’m not fired? I had honestly expected to lose my nursing license.

    She said I wasn’t falling down drunk, and understood I”ve been dealing with stressful life events.

    I am APPALLED that I did this.

    She wants me to go back on Monday. I am still worried the nurse that was on may find this offensive and file an official complaint with the board.

    Beyond that, I am so humiliated, I don’t know if I can go back.

    I’m a single mom, I have to work. What to do.

    If nothing else, the silver lining in this is that I can longer be in denial about my alcohol use. Back to my counselor on tuesday. YES, I need help.

    But what to do about my job? would any of you go back?

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