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    im lost… i don’t even know if this is the right place to post.. im not an addict.. but my partner is.

    he is a pot smoker. he is 18. im 23. and smokes a stick + everyday. i hate it… i hate what it does to him, he is supposed to be going going into rehab for it, he says he hates doing it… but he can’t stop. im at a my end… i don’t know what to do. he gets in the headspace where he goes “Benny no more, i don’t enjoy it” and goes on about getting his life back in order and on track. he doesn’t come from the best family life… and smokes to forget…

    it’s gotten to the point now where he is smoking every chance he gets, it used to be after work, but losing his job he had with his father.. he now smokes all the time. it’s always a mission to get the next cone.. im just frustrated… cause i love him, and i hear him say he wants to stop… but he isn’t ready?? or he can’t… i’m not going to pretend i understand what he is going through, i know it’s not going to happen over night… but i don’t know how to get him to follow through with rehab… he says he promises he is going… but he wont… i just know it..

    again guys… im sorry i don’t know why i posted here.. i guess im venting… and i know this probably isn’t the place… if anyone has anything to add or to input please do..


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