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    I have written before about a co-worker who has admitted that she thinks she has a drinking problem. She says she passes out with drinks in her hand, can’t stop drinking once she starts, says that she is shaking at work when she can’t drink. I have listened to her talk and when she asked me if I thought she had a problem, I answered that if you ask yourself the question then most likley you have a problem.

    My question today is does a drinking problem make you angry all the time. She is angry at co-workers, her boss (behind the bosses back), the customers she deals with (she hangs up the phone on them and sometimes slams it on the desk – only when her boss isn’t around). We have always been office buddies but recently she is angry at me. This isn’t mild anger either — she is hostile and overreacts to things that wouldn’t make most people angry. This is one instance, she was looking through a file for something and I said I would find it. She stormed off, stomping her feet and shouting at me that she would never help me AGAIN!

    I don’t think there is anything I can say to help her, she needs to realize her problem herself but….

    is this anger usual for someone with a drinking problem?

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