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    As of yesterday, I had been drinking VERY heavily for three days, and not just during night time, I was talk all day, all night, for those three days. Okay, so yesterday morning was my last time, now I am going through terrible withdrawals. Here’s a list of them:

    Sweaty all over my body, even my feet get sweaty!
    Terribly vivid nightmares (this is what I dread most)
    Trouble concentrating

    I think that’s it. My sweating gets worse at night because of the nightmares, I believe, so I wake up in my bed all damp and stuff. I wake up about every hour from a bad dream, and usually if I go back to sleep right away, the dream is the same, it just picks up from where it ended. Because I am so anxious, I pace a lot. So yesterday when I came home, I was still drunk, but my dreams were still vivid, but not really nightmares. I came home around 6 in the morning, fell asleep around 9am, slept until around 3pm. woke up, got something to eat, and tried to sleep again, but that’s when the bad dreams started and I got more of the symptoms. I have not slept since 9pm and all I do is lay in bed but I can’t fall back asleep, I don’t know why though, I may just not be tired. But I took some nyquil to see if that would put me to sleep but it hasn’t. I have court tomorrow at 1pm and I need to sleep for it, I HAVE TO! If I don’t make it there there is gonna be a warrant out for me and I go to jail. Oh, and my entire body just shakes, as if I am cold, but I’m sweating and have a blanket so I am not actually chilled or anything. It’s just my legs mostly, they just quiver uncontrollably. I tried talking to a friend on the phone but he had to go to sleep so now I’ve been looking up online what I can do to either shorten how long I’ll be having withdrawals or if there’s a way I can make it so it doesn’t suck so bad for me, and if I can’t shorten the time, I really want to know how long they are going to last. If it’s going to be longer than a week I’m gonna go insane. Before just three days ago, I wasn’t much of a drinker but then I ran out of pot so I needed to find a fix with alcohol and now I am regretting it so bad. They might be getting worse even because before only my hands and feet were sweaty, now it’s also behind my neck, my back, and my face. Someone please help in anyway you can, I am overly tempted to start drinking again to make the symptoms go away so I can sleep and not think about how ****** I feel all the time, like my mind can hardly focus on anything else but how terrible I feel and how scared I am to just sleep. It’s almost 4 in the morning here, and I need to sleep. Sorry I typed so much, it kind of helped me concentrate on something else. I kind of want to get medical help and get pills for my insomnia but obviously I cannot get there now at 4am, I do not have a car and no friends of mine are going to be awake until at least 7 or 8 in the morning. I will probably still not have slept by then! And then it’s court at 1pm, so I would have to wait until after court IF I can get to a hospital and get pills or something; anything to help me sleep and get rid of my anxiety and my depression. So basically, I am wondering how long withdrawals last, for anyone who drank for just a few days and got symptoms, ’cause everything else I read was about people being alcoholics for long time, and some of them had withdrawals for months! I could not do it! And are symptoms worse in the beginning and gradually get better? I hope so because of this is gonna get worse or stay the same as it is now, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Thanks for reading, please reply soon! I need help!

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