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    This is a repost of my intro in the “newcomers forum”. It was suggested that I check out this forum since my problem is “a substance”.

    Hello everyone. I have been reading on this forum for about a week or 2. Obviously I am an addict, hydrocodone. I sobered up from alcohol in 2001, although I have drank a few times in the last 2 months because I thought it might ease hydro withdrawalls, it did not. Luckily it was unpleasant enough that I did not develop a craving for it. I has 44 hours clean untill a half hour ago when I popped 8 5/500 hydros. I have no will power and CT is unbearable. I need to try the taper method. I was up to 90mg daily usually taken all at once with either 5/500`s or 10`325 hydros. My family deserves a real man, one who is not a druggie. I have a great wife and beautiful lil` son who is almost a year old. I feel guilty all the time and I want badly to stop this madness. I bought a bunch of herbs and lopramide to help with cold turkey but I couldnt hack it. This forum has provided great support though in the last couple weeks. Thanks to all who have been posting.

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