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    Well everyone here goes my story.
    Back in 2008 when a 2 year relationship ended very badly and abruptly I went through some very hard knock changes. I know that I carry a very highly addictive personaltiy, so I should have not been as careless as I was. I pretty much was able to take pain pills once in a blue moon. Like when I went to concerts, I would take some pain pills. But it was very rare and far between. In the summer of 2008 I began taking lortabs and oxycodone 15mgs more regularly and before I knew it, well I was playing in the game called circle and Im sure everyone knows about that. Before it was too late I was taking pain pills everyday. I liked the way they made me feel and I was able to actually work and work hard with energy. March of 09 my younger brother and only brother died in a car accident. My addiction got a lot worse after that. I have lost everything. Lots of money….lots of money. Vehicles, friends etc etc. I could take about 10 30mg oxycodones in one day. It is way out of control. One of my friends told me about suboxone and I was very skeptic about it at first. I was ready to clean up. So here is what I did.
    On friday JULY 9TH. I only had 1 whole suboxone.
    On saturday July 10th. I only had 1 whole suboxone. (which i broke in half and took half in morning and other half at night)
    On sunday. I TOOK NOTHING
    Today is monday and its 5pm and I still haven’t taken anything.
    Im still feeling bad and everything but i feel like i will feel so much better in a couple more days. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I want my life back. I want to have money in my pocket.
    So I havent had a oxycodone or pain pill since thursday. So i havent had any pain pills in 3 days today makes 4. I havent had any suboxone since saturday night. Anyone care to share?

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