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    Hello, my name is Josh….And I am trying to quit drinking again!!!! I know and understand that I have a great deal of difficulty attaining this goal.

    I have tried to quit many times before…longest time without a drink is about 4-5 days in the last 8 years. I dont get loaded all the time…I just tend to have a drink everynight after work to relax and unwind…One turns into two, two to three..ect.

    All of my worst decisions have been because of alcohol and while being under the influence..

    Due to my profession I am know in the community hence joining an online community where people will not know who I am.

    I have destroyed 2 relationships due to drinking. Currently I am dating an amazing woman and dont want to scew up this one due to drinking.

    I have a long family history of alcoholism unfortunatly. And all family functions revolve with drinks.

    I have to quit…I need to quit. I need to do it for my career, my love life and most of all my 2 year old daughter.

    I cant screw up anymore..Life is not a dress rehearsal!

    I look forward to posting my trials and victories to share with everyone. Any tips and advice would be greatly appretiated. Tomorrow morning is the start of the rest of my life!!!

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