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    My brother contacted the place I told him about last month and went to the facility for free help. He was in there one week only. He called me and said that they gave him a name of a place to go from there where he would stay for a month. He didn’t do it right away and started drinking again. He wnt to this place three weeks later, walked seven miles to get there, and because he had been drinking they would not accept him. Dah! I spoke to him last night and he is worse then he was before. He was also given a ticket to appear in court in about two weeks by a police officer the other night for public drunkenis. He has no job, no vehicle, and to top things off his duffle bag that he carries everywhere was stolen from him the other day with all of his paperwork from the place he stayed, and all of his contact numbers. Now he is talking like he won’t be around much longer, and it sickens me that someone can let alcohol literally take over their life this way. He worries me that he is getting suicidal. He won’t eat again. and he admits that he screwed up, and doesn’t know where to turn now. All he keeps saying is that he wont be around much longer anyway, and he isn’t worried about his court date in two weeks, because he wont make it till then.

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