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    I didn’t know which section to post this in so…….
    Iv’e been off the drugs for about 3 years now which is how I want to be because of pychosis, anxiety and agoraphobia I stay this way for my sanity. I was an involuntary patient at a pych unit when I was 18 and dabbled in drugs for around the next 6 years until I quit. I drink alcohol regurlarly to this day and take valium and other pychotic medication daily. To this day I have many ups and many down but that’s life.
    When I was 17 I was going through a very rebellious stage in my life and have never really got right out of it. I worked with heroin users at a restaurant who were very influential in my life and at the time I thought to myself yeah maybe i’ll try it but never did. I looked up to them. At this time I knew little about it and because they were both girls I was intrigued by the life they lead. They were mates and I didn’t really understand it that well.
    I do now and I was close to one especially and I’d see them in the street every now and then but deep inside I knew that I could never go down that path.
    Ever since that day I met them I saw drugs as a very punk thing to do as I am very influenced by the punk rock scene. So through music, drugs and alcohol I fell hard, I learnt alot, I grew up and most importantly I found myself that I didn’t need to use drugs to belong that I just needed to be me and that was fine. But as I mentioned before it was at a big price and I almost lost my mind and my life through it.
    At times I felt really alone and nearly wound up living on the streets myself. I’m a shy person and I feel now that if it were not for my family support and punk music and the inspiration they gave me at a young age that I probably would not have made it.
    One of my friends is dead and the other i have no idea. When I ride on the trains today I still remember them like it was yesterday messin around.

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