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    My husband is the executive of his company. Gets up everyday goes to work, makes deals all day and comes across “normal”. He’s been taking RX pain killers/stimulants/muscle relaxers for 9 years (maybe more now). He doesn’t screw up at work and runs his business efficiently. Though come wkends he’s sleeping it off….thought it was stress.
    When I just confronted him about the 200+ pills stashed in a large Tums container inside his briefcase…blames me for nagging, my fault for ruining his wkend and making a scene, etc, etc, etc. Then he leaves.

    Has anyone been in this situation? How did you realize you had a probem w/out screwing up?

    Though the only thing he may be screwing up is our marriage. I ask him how he thinks body can w/stand the affects of the drugs (liver/kidneys, etc.) and he tells me I’m crazy. I worry about what I’ll have to tell his children when he’s dead…..

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