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    Hi. I have started taking my dads vicodin about 2 years ago but it wasnt as bad as it is now. He is prescribed 7.5/750 vicodin and i usedto take around 3 to get high once in a while.. but now i think i am addicted because i take around 6-7 a day. and i mean i never thought i would have a problem with this but it just scares me that the last 2-3 weeks i took them everyday even thought i told my self not to… I never experienced withdrawal symptoms yet because i keep taking them all day and when i dont i feel like ****… The problem is that i had a very easy access to a bunch of them.. and it makes me feel guilty because they are my dads and he doesnt know.. So i went to this website hoping to get some kind of support because i am very serious about quiting, and trying to do it cold turkey starting tomorow morning. i am also quitting smoking cigarets starting tomorrow.. I just know that this lifestyle is not going to lead to anything good.. im only 19 years old.. So any information on what am i going to feel like and what to expect, any tips would be very appreciated. Sorry if this is a wrong forum, i literally just found this site 5 minutes ago

    thank u

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