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    not sure exactly where to post this, so sorry if this is in the wrong area!

    i’ve lurked around on these forums for a bit, but just joined now for the first time. i guess i was shy/nervous about joining up over the internet/keeping a low-profile in some cases perhaps.

    i’m 24, from philadelphia….i decided to sober my life up June 15th,2010 (when the clock strikes midnight tonight I got myself eleven months! i found that a good way to join/start up on this site).

    maybe it is said a lot and played out or such, but point blank, why i joined? even though eleven months is a pretty solid time (atleast to me without being too cocky), i’ve pretty much lost every single ‘friend’ i ever had. i only had beer buddies/drinking partners. i tried to hang on to a few as much as i could. with the exceptions of my 2 brothers and the fiancee of one, I pretty much am alone 99% of my life anymore…(not counting my dog/cat!haha). it doesn’t help i’m insanely shy/quiet to begin with, the whole recovery thing added on to it with nerves and such (i deal with some depression problems on top of the recovery, but i personally feel that goes without saying). i don’t attend meetings (i did in the earlier stages, but wasn’t my thing).

    so yeah…in a nutshell, i guess you could say i’m here to try and mingle/talk to some people. get conversation going. i’m beyond happy and proud to be sober, and can’t even tell you the last time i even WANTED or THOUGHT about doing something stupid regarding picking up a bottle…but i would be lying if i said i wasn’t hurting/feeling alone and the likes…heres hoping this forum can help that out a bit,who knows? glad to be here. best of luck to everybody. for now, i just wanted to introduce myself a bit.

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