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    I been on the wagon since April 15, 1976. What I can recall was that I was in a black out and woke up with my car all crashed up. I got it for negligent homicide that time. That sobered me up right away. That cause physical, mental an all kinds of sickness. AAh god was in remorse. But let me back up just a little. When I FIRST went to treatment. That did not mean **** to me. It was a way to get out of jail and some time out from the law. So I went through it but I had the party already planned out ahead of time. So now the SECOND time – I was scared, lonely, lashing out. And when I went in to treatment I was for some odd reason very sincere about it. So for the nexts four years it was Anabuse pills and AA meetings. Got me to where I’m at now. Thanks – Redroad

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