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    * Not sure if i’ve posted in the correct area, so feel free to move this post *

    So, i’ve been reading these forums for the past day or so and I got a good vibe from them.

    The fact that i’m looking for websites of this nature, just re-inforces that I know i have an issue with alcohol.

    I’m at the stage where I would like to stop drinking. I’ve tried ‘moderating’ the frequency I drink in the past, but not suprisingly it failed. If i’m honest with myself I know I’ve had a problem for a few years now.

    I’d probably drink 3-4 nights a week, seeking the buzz/relief that i’m sure most of you know. I don’t drink until i’m blind drunk, just enough to know that i’m ‘there’. Although I’ll have a night where I’ll drink almost anything that is in the house.

    I’ve casually mentioned my drinking habits to my doctor and a counsellor i saw previously, however i brushed over the topic. I’m not an AA/meeting type of person.

    Hopefully i’ll find the resolve to quit and perhaps start a thread with my own experiences about abstaining.


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