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    So, I’ve been gone for awhile. I went to inpatient this time. Best thing I ever did for myself. I got out Monday with 35 days and went straight to a meeting. I’ve been really sick with a fever and chills (rehab plague lol) ever since so after a trip to the dr. I’ve been in bed ever since. Hopefully, I will be able to crawl out of bed tomorrow and begin the meeting circuit.

    Monday when I got home I was so anxious and couldn’t stand to be in my own skin until I went to a meeting. Then I felt at peace.

    Just wanted to share because prior to inpatient the most I EVER strung together was 11 days in the past 14 years. I am happy and grateful and for this second chance at life.

    It was hard to be away from kids, work, (I was unpaid for the month) etc that whole time but it’s totally worth it when you are talking about the REST of your life.

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