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    Just wanted to say hi and that I want to quit drinking for good without AA

    I keep getting caught in the binge cycle and need support and all the advice I can get here online.

    I used to post on the anxiety forum as I have chronic ptsd 15yrs now and agorophobia. The idea of AA meetings or group situations is just to terrifying for me to cope with.

    I just finished another ruined relationship due to the ptsd/binge cycle.

    I am on my own again and not really depressed over this breakup as I knew I wasn’t ready and can’t even think of why I got into one an unhealthy one at that when I have not yet recovering. I was deluding myself I guess. :gaah

    Anyway any idea’s where I should start in dealing with both conditions at once. I am so tired of letting stress and panick attacks trigger me into binging which leads to anger, embarrassment, and shame over giving in to binging, then the panick setting in again and so on and so on.

    I am off anxiety meds now and can’t afford any so medical assistance is out.
    I am trying to review coping skills I have previously reserched and used and will look at the smart recovery program in a new light.

    I’m scared the resolve I have today may not be here tommorrow so I’m hoping support here will help.:c041:

    The anxiety forum triggers me too much so hoping I have better luck here. Therapy here where I live I have tried and doesn’t work for me, religion far to many triggers for me to cope with too,

    so I am at a loss besides self help courses and talk therapy here any ideas or support please?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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