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    I am over here from the friends and fam forum.
    I am living with my young son and his father who is a serious alcoholic: women, lies, blackouts, etc…

    I have to live with him now for financial reasons. He knows how bad off he is, and he is talking rehab again, but there are some issues that I just wanted to ask about.

    I know all alcoholics are different, and some say the same things, and some do similar things, just because the drug creates certain dynamics, but there are some behaviors that I am really wondering about in terms of whether they are known among alcoholics and professional to be alcoholism related.

    Let me say first, that my SO is most probably also dealing with some type of mental/psych issues as well. It is all so obscured, tho.

    Here is what he has been exhibiting:

    About a year ago, he spent some time with an old friend, who is not racist, per se, but can make some off color jokes.
    Since around this time, my SO has become progressively hateful. He thinks there are conspiracies, he singles out religious groups. He will interject this talk into any conversation: inclus=ding one about Dr. Suess one night.

    Is it common for alcoholics to become bigoted like this? It is in a paranoid way, like they are all out to get him. He was never like this before. His disease is in a rapid deterioration phase right now. It is hard to be around. We are not a hateful family.

    He has become so bitter, beset, angry and projecting that it is hardly believable that he can really feel so righteous! He is hideously rude and in the wrong so often, then expects apologies from others for ruining HIS day.

    He is almost ALWAYS bitter. He is only 31 years old. But he talks, at times drunk, and at times sober as if he was a 25 year old man who got shafted his whole life. Some of what he says does not even make any sense. Then he says that he cannot be happy living with us, and he will find happiness somewhere else.

    I feel like he is JUST MISERABLE. ANd that he is going to be miserable no matter where he is.

    Have any of you seen this in yourselves? Is this so common in alcoholics that its silly for me to ask?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, have a good night.

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