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    Hi John and all,

    I am looking to turn an out of control problem into a manageable task, one day at a time. But I am scared as to the difficulty in finding ways to ease out out of social and business functions until I have firm controls and support to rely on when faced with alcohol.

    In this struggle, I know the stigma that excessive drinking carries but how do you turn down the ‘let’s meet after work’ invitation without offering deeper explanations to those you are not close to nor who you look to support you?

    I am fearful that this anxiety is part of the problem raising itself as a barrier to recovery, yet I cannot find a simple way to reconfigure my entire life overnight.

    Any thoughts on this matter,





    noman, you have answered the question in you post, but do you want to make the hard choices and follow thru. I am here for you to aid, assist and suggest ways of handling it. Do you really want to do it?



    Welcome friend,
    If you are done, I mean really DONE, than the “stigmas” associated with not drinking are really no more than fear. And I completely relate to fear. Putting down my bottles and other goodies was worse than losing a best friend. What would I do to unwind? Where would I go after work? And on and on and on….It took me ten years of actually trying to get sober until I got my first year. That was 10 extra years of pain, shame, guilt, hopelessness and helplessness. I wasn’t able to stay sober until it became the only thing that really mattered. Once that occured, my life became something I could never have imagined while using and drinking. Stay close. Find a home group or a support group. Don’t ever be ashamed that you have thoughts of using or drinking, but ALWAYS TELL SOMEONE. And stay in touch…

    Be well, and have a great 24…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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