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    I know the holidays are filled with emotion for everyone and well I personally don’t handle emotions very well. This is the fourth Christmas without my dad as he passed away from cancer and my 10th one of my mom being partially paralyzed which happened in the winter. Today I got off work early and visited the cemetery, it was not easy but had to be done. This is my second sober Christmas and I am not going to drink because there is no problem out there that drinking doesn’t make worse. Even if there is not death and tragedy in some ones life the holidays seem to be surround by partying and emotions. Probably not a good combination for any of us. I’m thankful that I have jiujitsu to go to tonight, I went to AA last night but this is one of those days where I need to just pick the biggest guy in the room and not think about anything else other then catching a submission. It’s what I am passionate about and a big reason I do not drink. Anyways everyone on this site has always been responsive and supportive, hope everyone has a good sober Christmas and handles whatever stresses are to come in a healthy manor. Thank you 12 Step National Meetings community.

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