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    Well, I did it. Hit my rock bottom. I don’t remember much.

    I have been hiding my drinking from husband/family, that damn vodka is too easy to hide.

    I don’t remember yesterday much, other than the fact that I woke up in the ER with an IV, a pulse o2 monitor, and my husband and parents standing around me the more pain on their faces than I’ve seen.

    What had I done? I remembered nothing. This was at NOON.

    My husband found me practically incoherant and of course I said I had nothing to drink, didn’t take any sleeping pills.. I lied. He called my parents, who also had the same luck he did in getting me to tell them what happened. I can honestly say, I didn’t know.

    911, ambulance… ER. There’s still a small puddle of blood on the floor of my garage from when they stuck the IV.

    The doctor at the hospital said that he had never seen someone alive, with my BAC, which then indicated how much, and for how long I had been drinking. .45… what? that’s coma, death, seizure. I was awake the entire time, it’s baffling not only to me, but just about every medical staff that cared for me.

    Tried to send me to a detox, but after 7 hours, and with my family’s reluctance, I went home, to bed, with a Rx of anxiety meds (2 days worth), to stop any possible seizure activity. How in the hell did it get this far? I’ve drank too much, for a very long time, got “too” buzzed at the bar, stumbled instead of walked. What is it in me that made me this way?

    Obviously I will see out patient treatment, and try to figure this out. I cannot drink again, although, as normal as I feel, the thought is JUST in the back of my mind. It fixes everything right? Not when you’re dead.

    So here I am, scared to death to go clean up the blood on the floor. But at least I’m able to do it.

    Thank you 🙂

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