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    After the birth of my son, I was taking Lortab pretty regularly. Then, I had another surgery, so took more. Then my husband had a knee injury. It just seems like they are always around. I would say on average I take 2 7.5pills a day. That is the favorite time of my day too- when I get to take my pills. Sad huh. So, I am so scared to withdrawal. I have ativan to help if I need it. But, my question is = and this might be so dumb- but we have an old prescription of my MIL. She has 20 mg oxycontin. We have had them forever. We just dont like them. So, instead of any Lortab, I took 1 of those today so I would not feel withdrawal. But, since it is still an opiate, has my withdrawal or detox not really started then, or Did it start bc I didn’t take a LORTAB? make sense.
    I just want this to be as painless as possible.

    Thanks for all of your help


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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