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    Hi I am not an alcoholic, but my husband is. 20 + year history Sober for 7 or 8 when I met him. Chronic relapses over the past 7 years. I finally had to ask him to leave. We have three little ones 7, 5, 13 mos. When I leave for work at night as an RN, he is so drunk when I come home from the hospital that he can’t even walk straight and my 5 year old is changing the baby’s diaper. Anyway, he has been at his parents house for the past 2.5 mos 700 miles away and he is so ANGRY. Swears he is sober and going to meetings 3x a day. But he is so mad at me! He has 3 DUIs I have lost count of the trips to rehab–lost his first wife and 2 year old son 20 years ago for the same exact thing (only that was kept a secret from me until I found the liquor bottles hidden all over the house when my oldest was 1 or 2 years old. My question is Why all the anger and resentment towards me. He has lost everything, his construction business, filed for Bankruptcy, lost his truck (too drunk to work his builders fired him)–but none of this was my fault. I stood by him for almost 7 years of this craziness (and his porn addiction too) and he calls me stupid, scumbag, etc etc. Why all the anger? How could he possibly be working steps if he is talking like this. He also has little to no interest in talking to these babies. I found that he was texting with this woman that he met at AA for 3 hours too. That was a month ago. He swears it was nothing> Don’t believe him. What is going on you guys????

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