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    At the age of 43 my ex husband has died from liver failure.
    He was bloated full of water that cause him to look as though he was 9 months pregnant.
    His skin and eyes were yellow he was unable to breathe without oxygen and had unimaginable pain constantly.
    Then the vomitting of blood started large amounts, the kidneys then began to fail.
    Not being able to make it to the bathroom and laying in your own feces till someone could come clean you up.

    Your mind begins to go so you talk in sentance that make no sense to your loved ones.

    After ripping all his IV’s out and his nose tubes the pain was just unbearable he said I just want to die. I cannot take this anymore.

    He said I never thought this would happen to me,even though many doctors told him it would.

    This was the last 4 weeks of his life all due to alcoholism.

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