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    Hello all. I had a bad weekend but thankfully I didnt drink. I’m sure what happened to me this weekend isnt that bad but to me it really flipped my head upside down. In AA they recommend that you shouldnt get into a relationship for the first year and now I know why they say that. I remember people telling me that and sharing their stories but of course, I’m smart and I “know” what i’m doing. This weekend I proved myself wrong.

    It was Friday night and I was just about to go to bed because I had ocean swimming Saturday morning at 9 and I was supposed to meet my aunt for breakfast then meet my best friend’s mom for lunch. On Sunday, I was supposed to meet my sponsor to work on my steps. As you can see, I had the whole weekend planned.

    Well, on Friday night around 11pm, I get a random text from a girl that I met well over 5 months ago. I didnt even have her number stored in my phone so I had to ask who it was. We exchanged a few texts and basically she asked me if I wanted to hangout that night. I guess I was thinking with the wrong head. She came over and we watched tv and started to make out. It was great and she ended up sleeping over. When I woke up the next morning, I had to cancel all my plans that day. In my head, I was high as a kite cause I had a great time with this girl. Being that things went so well, I called her and asked her out for that night (Saturday night). We went out and rented a movie and again she slept over. We got along great then she tells me that this would be it, meaning pretty much it was just a fling. I was pretty devastated. I know the male is supposed to be macho and not wear their heart on their sleeve but I was hurt. I didnt want to marry her or anything but I was hoping that we could continue seeing each other and see where it went, however, she was pretty adamant that there would be nothing more.

    I’ve never had this happen to me before and I am mixed with anger and sadness. I’m angry because had I known that it would turn out like this, I would have not got into this. I’m sad because I miss the feeling of having a significant other. I know I just need to chalk it up and move on with life but it affected me in a negative way and it was something that I didnt see coming. Thank you for reading this and I’m thankful that I get to post this here. As a male, I feel that if I tell my friends, they’ll just think i’m so pansy and just tell me to get over it. Thanks for listening everyone.

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