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    OMG! It was heat index wise 106 here today. And we were on the lake working on my sister’s house. Will this house ever get built? She has had sooo many screw ups along the way!!!

    Due to the temperature rising and us having to go an hour away to work on my sister’s house, we moved the Silkie’s crates back into the house into their bedroom. We take them out at night now into their outside pens where we have lights and fans on them. We rush around, get their crates cleaned and then get them back inside. Even right now at 1:22 AM it is 80 degrees with 82% humidity. EVEN THE CRICKETS ARE SWEATING!!!

    Even though I have major medical issues with many an injured body part. I just wanted to post here to all those going thru what I am.

    IF THERE’S A WILL. THERE IS A WAY. You can do anything you desire W/O your DOC. It might take you a little longer. It might take you to do the task in a different way. It might even require you asking for help. It might require you taking more breaks than someone else. But you can do so much more w/o the drugs and alcohol. You’ll laugh more over a problem instead of saying F’it and getting angry.

    I’m doing all these activities and I’m 185 days clean. Who would have thought I’d make it this far with so many physical aches and pains? So don’t EVER be afraid of having to live life w/o the drugs. IT CAN BE DONE.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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