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    When I was still in active addiction, my husband always said he would do whatever it took to support me in getting clean. At first, maybe the first month, he was very supportive. Soon I could tell that he was tired of hearing about my recovery. When I would mention going to a meeting he would sigh, or roll his eyes.

    So I asked him what his problem was, he said “How long is this stuff going to be in my life?” I said “Well, hopefully forever, because if I stop being active in my recovery, I will go back out there”.
    I am making this long story short but basically he just thinks I should be “all better” and life should just be “normal”. What a slap in the face! I suggested he go to Al-Anon…he laughed. This lack of support has progressed over the past 2 months. He was not very happy when I told him I am the secretary of my homegroup’s Sunday meeting.
    I know I can’t change him, and I need to work on myself. Maybe that’s just it – maybe he is afraid of me working on myself because I may “change”? I don’t know. Any advice?

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