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    I’m trying to change my life for the better but I still have frequent conversations with friends who are still in a drug lifestyle. To be honest, I’m not far removed from one but I want out. I don’t want to say I hate confrontation, but I know these guys wouldn’t understand. I don’t know how to end things with any of them, without bringing their ire. I mean, some of these “friends” just within the past few months have smoked weed with me. I feel like a hypocrite because they were there! I’ve thought about changing my cell phone number and trying to vanish, hoping they get the message, but they know where I live and work so that’s not gonna do it. Besides, I’d always be freaked about the confrontation I’m hoping to avoid. I feel like a coward for ducking this issue. I basically got to know these guys because of drugs and that’s been all we have in common…so refusing the drug aspect alone is basically saying to them directly that I’m refusing them entirely. Pretty harsh for drug users to hear since we’re sensitive enough to the harshness of life. Any tips would be appreciated.

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