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    I can go months, even a year without drinking (like I have during each of my three pregnancies.)

    However, the craving to drink and the want to drink when I’m stressed is at times unbearable and makes me feel ill. (I have on several occasions drank my vanilla extract to “fix” myself. HIGHLY un-recommended!!!)

    I would be fine if I didn’t have the cravings which lead to the urges to drink. I get them bad too when I see ads or commercials for liquor. (Beer not so much since I highly dislike it)

    And I am realizing now that I cannot drink “normally” either. There’s no “I’ll just have ONE.” I don’t see the point in drinking just a few… If I drink It’s to get DRUNK!

    I usually don’t let myself drink unless I KNOW I can get drunk “safely” (like if someone will be driving me, and now since having kids if someone will be sober to care for the kids)

    I cannot seem to stop myself from drinking once I start until I am completely wasted.

    Anyway, back to the cravings part.. is this normal? How do I stop it? I feel that if i can stop the cravings then I won’t ever want to drink anymore, right?

    (and no, as of right now I am not in any sort of recovery program. I am still waiting to tell my hubby that I think I may have an issue.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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