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    UGGGHHH I am not an addict, but I am going down a bad path and I am scared I can’t stop. I got a ritalin prescription and I binge all night basically proly 3 times a week til its gone, usually its gone by like 2 weeks then i have to wait, and i feel great but then i always go get the new prescription. if i could just stop at the first dose, it would be fine but i cant and i keep doing it and end up so gross and tweaked out and irritable, i hate the come down. i was scared my heart was going to like go wacky or something, and did that stop me, no I have taken 3 more huge doses since then. Like thati s bad… I have addicts in my family, I don’t want to become one and hurt my mom. What can I do. I cant go to NA, no one knows and it would be weird since my brother goes there, and Im not completely an addict but proly on my fricking way. I have done psychedelics occasionally and stayed clear away from things like blow, crack, etc but this **** has a hold on me. I just love the initial high of feeling like I can talk openly and etc. Things are more interesting on it. I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to end up overdosing. I am fine when I run out, for those couple weeks i dont even care, i dont crave it, etc but when i have it and im bored, i do it. then i take a sleeping pill to knock me out.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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