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    It started almost 4 months ago popping tylenol like candy usually 4 a day. On rare occasions I’ve taken between 8-10 a day, once I took 14 and felt like s***. Sometimes I drink booze, usually beer and energy drinks. I was never taught how to deal with life because I learned to bottle everything up and have been dealt a s****y hand with whatever life threw at me.

    I don’t want a pity party just want him to understand me better and where I’m coming from. I lashed out at him recently and threatened to break up with him. He was mad about it and I blamed it on that everything was going too fast between us. In reality, I have too much s*** on my plate and my own addiction problem with tylenol and booze. He knows I like to drink but not that I abuse tylenol. I don’t want him to not like me anymore because I really like him. He knows that I almost OD’d on pills once by accident. He has his own drug/alcohol problems too but hides it from me except for dope because he doesn’t consider it a drug

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