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    12 Step National Meetings has been here for me when I needed it.
    I joined when I was still deciding if quitting, rather than abstaining for X amount of time, was what I really wanted to do.
    I came here to ask for help with that decision and I came here to learn.
    The help came immediately and it was from a variety of perspectives with a variety of advice, suggestions and questions to me that made me think.
    That made me come back while I was deciding for about 10 days.

    I optimistically believed that I was transforming into a better version of myself or I wouldn’t have picked the name I did.

    Two years ago last night I was drunk.
    Two years ago today I had the worst hangover.

    Today, I have completed 2 years sober.

    I think the variety here is the key to makes 12 Step National Meetings special. There is no one method that we all agree on….in fact sometimes that disagreement is pretty heated… but we do agree on the goal.

    Thank you all for helping make my optimism a reality.

    I know it’s not much a payback for all that I’ve received but I try to thank 12 Step National Meetings by helping people here as I was helped. I might not be as good at as some and I have ruffled some feathers but I’d like to think I’ve smoothed more feathers than I’ve ruffled.

    We do need each other. I believe that even when things are going well for us it is truly a great gift for us to know that 12 Step National Meetings is here.

    Thank you 12 Step National Meetings
    Thank you all 12 Step National Meetings members and readers.



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